You Glow Differently When You’re Actually Happy

We’ve all heard people saying this, but maybe you’re like me and have rolled your eyes in some way at this bold statement.

But let me tell you something. I think I just proved that these utterings are actually true.

I’m not a morning person. Let’s just get that straight from the outset. I don’t like waking up and being bugged immediately which is why I make a point of following my morning routine (per a previous post) if the working day permits. I also don’t deal well after too many days with a lack of sleep, but sometimes it’s just what I’ve got to do as part of my job.

Regardless of all this. I do my best, when I’m feeling my best, like we all do.

Last week, we had the most amazing family on board with us for two weeks. The first couple of days of trips with new people always seem to be a little manic as we adjust to their routines, suss out their ways of being and adhere to their needs. It always begins with the most exhausting part, which doesn’t seem to set me up for the best mentality for the rest of the trip.

The first three or four days I was honestly running at a million miles an hour from 6.45am to about 21.30-22.00 with an hour or two to unwind in the afternoon if I was lucky.

Every morning, I’d wake up before my alarm to my neck itching uncontrollably. I’d scratch or rub it to try to alleviate the discomfort, trying to get a couple of extra z’s before duty called, but it would end up raw, probably bleeding a little and force me out of bed.

It became a vicious cycle for a few days as I was adjusting my body clock to the fewer hours of sleep and longer hours of work. I came around and as I got to know the guests personally, I fell into a better routine and I adjusted my ways, the itchiness became less and the rashes began to heal.

On the very last day of their 15 day trip, and realizing I hadn’t scratched for probably three or four days by now, I even had the courage to tie my hair up entirely as the rashes had gone down so much that I was no longer keeping a specific section of my short hair tucked behind my ear to hide these red raw patches on either side of my neck.

One day off by the pool with a good book and I felt a million dollars. The next day was a manic day of turning the boat around, cleaning the fridges our and traveling to all different shops on the island of Sardinia in search of good produce, suitable meat and local products for the next set of guests (the owners).

They arrived yesterday morning as I was returning the rental car that we had used to provision and subsequently pick them up from the airport, I felt myself scratch my neck again without even thinking and all of a sudden realizing that I had what seemed like an endless flow of blood coming out of this raw rash.

Unfortunately, I thought it’d all subsided so it was one of the daring days that I’d decided to scrape all of my hair back. Bad idea.

I was so self conscious, desperately trying to mop up the bleeding with my fingers and hair and suddenly realized in that embarrassing, painful moment that it might in fact be true.

When I’m rushing and sleeping little and stressed, my skin breaks out in a random rash that aggravates me and causes a vicious cycle of itching, stressing and worrying about it.

When I’m so happy and lost in my element doing the things I love, for kind hearted people and in my moment, flowing to my own rhythm, if there is a little rash on my neck, I don’t even notice it, but I think the reality is that it’s not even there.

The reality is that absolutely no other factors were changed. I cook my own food so none of it was related to the food I was eating (when I have bursts like this, I make it even more of a priority to eat well), it was entirely down to my sleep, stress and happiness levels.

Hormones really do play a huge part in the glowing of our skin and I have realised now how important it is that I nourish myself not only in order to feel my best, but to look my best too.

You really do glow from the inside out.

Interesting, huh?

Have a happy day & let’s all glow together.

L, xo

This was the last day of the trip, as I scraped my hair back as far as it goes thinking how happy I was that it’d cleared up.
And here was the second day with guests as I woke up feeling like I’d barely slept, overwhelmed with what the day ahead entailed.

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