Making Changes that are Scary

It’s so easy to fall into a rut in life and just continue along a path that we’ve started walking down simply due to the ease of the steps. The familiarity drives us to keep on walking and the comfort of knowing everything that’s there is second to none.

It’s the simplicity of carrying on that drives us to do it. It’s definitely favoured over the fear of change, the difficulties paired with a new beginning or apprehensive alterations to our course.

I know this all too well, though I’m not scared of change. Small changes are great actually and bring a world of good, generally speaking.

But have you ever thought about making a big change? A drastic lifestyle change? And I’m not just talking about a major haircut or going to a place you’d never normally visit.

I’m talking on a deeper level here… leaving your comfortable job, moving from a familiar setting or even ditching a stagnant relationship.

These are all things that are terrifying. They scare most people, with plenty of valid reason. It’s a scary thought that the life you know so well may come to an end at some stage and you’ll have to essentially start again.

It’s overwhelming in every sense of the word. It’s not something that many of us think about, but the bottom line is as simple as this – would you be better off if you pulled the trigger on that major change that you’re toying with in your mind?

Here’s my outlook on it.

If you’re thinking about something major like any of these above points, there’s obviously a reason and it’s likely that something needs to change. It might not be at a stage yet where you need to go all the way and rip the bandaid off the problem, but you may need to address the small issues before the bandaid gets harder to rip off.

This could mean talking to your boss about how to make the workplace more tolerable, it could be making a better living environment in any way that suits you or it may mean having a very meaningful, even difficult conversation with your partner.

Failing these or the next step after these will mean digging deeper into the root of whatever is causing the issue. Perhaps it’s you and you simply need a timeout. If this is so, I highly recommend you listen to a podcast by Jay Shetty called ON Purpose, 3 Ways to Take an Adult Gap Year and Why it Might Be Helpful for you To Take One.

Sometimes a break is all it takes to realize what we really want.

But, sometimes time out isn’t enough.

Sometimes we know what we want but getting to that point is scary, painful or unattainable.

The reality is that whatever we need to do, we need to do and it’s only going to get harder with time if we don’t act on our thoughts.

Bottling everything up isn’t safe or healthy and life is far too short to chug along just getting by to make others happy or to fit the quota. We get one life and it’s OURS. Not theirs.

I’m sitting and reflecting on all of this right now because of my own life and the happenings within it.

It also happens to be Jewish New Year tonight which called me to think back and reflect. It’s a realization that new things are coming. New beginnings are arriving and a new chapter is awaiting me.

I’m looking forward to seeing what it brings, but being a slight control freak, I certainly want to make sure that I do everything in my power to ensure that the outcome is the best it could possibly be according to my wants, wishes & dreams.

For anyone celebrating, I wish you a happy new year and for anyone else, I wish you a beautiful day and an opportunity to open your eyes, your heat and reflect on you.

Maybe I should take a taste of my own medicine… but sometimes it isn’t quite so black and white.

Or simple.

Simple, it is not. It will never be.

But what I do know is that this life is mine and I refuse to let it pass me by.

Wherever you are, I’m sending love from the beautiful south of France on this sunny September Sunday.

L, xo

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