Thoughts for Tuesday

Before I get started with this little ramble from my brain, I’m just going to first say that if you’re expecting a pretty coloured salad or some food inspiration, this isn’t the right post. Scroll down and check out my last two posts for that.

This, is a little bit of raw reality from the heart, simply because it needs to go out into the universe and this is the best platform for me to ramble right now.

It’s been a rough week for me. We don’t need details at this point in time, but it’s been hard. I’ve been full of tears and an overload of emotions.

Perhaps it has something to do with last week’s full moon, or Mercury in retrograde, or simply because I’d been bottling some things up and they were ready to explode.

Whatever the reason, it’s been a whirlwind of a week.

So, without dwelling any more on the bullshit stewing around in my frazzled mind, I want to turn to the positives and focus on the good.

We’ve all heard that making gratitude lists is a good way to start the day, reflecting on the good must be a positive and focusing our intentions and energy on the correct things will set us up for what we manifest.

The mind is powerful, and so are words.

So today, at 9.15am somewhere just off the coast of Napoli, I want to begin by sharing publicly 5 things I’m grateful for this morning.

    My best friend Fee.
    The sun, currently shining on my face & warming my soul.
    The gift of words, to soothe my wandering mind.
    My hands, to allow me to create.

Drinking coffee, using my hands to type these words in the sun as a message pops up from my friend.

That, my friends, is what gratitude means.

What’s on your list this morning?

L, xo

This little guy popped up on my Pinterest last night in the midst of a meltdown to say hello, it brought a smile so I hope it starts your day off with a smile too.


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