Keeping busy

I’m sure nobody’s been missing me, but I’m going to go ahead and apologise anyway for going awol the past couple of weeks.

As I mentioned before, we were moving the boat from Greece to Italy and had friends with us. We were enjoying our two weeks of downtime and exploring a little & then headed off to London for one of the most crammed, busy trips imaginable!

I’ve been back on the boat now since Wednesday and then came the mayhem of getting everything ready for the guests to come. The owner arrived this morning and ironically, that now gives me time to sit and relax, at least until they want something or the next batch of guests come and I’m run off my feet.

It’s slightly ridiculous how frantic everything is in the lead up to a guest trip – making sure things are clean, pretty and perfect, getting all the drinks they enjoy bought and then stocked into the fridges, provisioning in different batches of dry goods, fresh produce and then a meat/fish and cheese/fridge run.

Then comes portioning everything and freezing it appropriately, labeled, dated and then I like the make a note of everything that’s gone into the freezers so I can plan my meals around what’s on board.

Those are the days where I either forget to eat or snack on everything in sight. The days that I need to go for a run after work to unwind and let go. But then when the owner is here, he is very easygoing for the most part and doesn’t ask for much, so it does give me moments to sit back and reflect again.

And right now, that’s exactly what I need.

I’ve been going at full speed for the past month and today I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by everything that just is. I control what I can control and then try hard to remember that the rest will happen in whatever way it’s supposed to, whenever it is supposed to.

So for now, I will leave you with the knowledge that the next few days and weeks will be time for me to spend on writing recipes to share with you all and sending over some love (and travel tips) from one of the most beautiful parts of the world: Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

Back soon with some deliciousness, I promise.

L, xo

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