Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to my blog.

I’ve decided to create a space to combine all of the things that define me. As we go along, you will learn more about me and my world, but in a nutshell I am a small-town girl from the North of England, working on a private yacht – sailing the seas and cooking for a living.

So what defines me? In other words, what can you expect from this space?

Food, for one. I’m gluten and lactose intolerant myself and follow a mostly plant-based diet, but with cooking for others I am constantly tasting and creating so am by no means a vegan, although in an ideal world, my carnivorous husband would cut down his meat intake a lot. Anyway, I will be sharing a variety of dishes, both plant-based and not.

Travel. I’ve always loved travelling and been lucky to have had amazing adventures around the world growing up, since my family are spread all over the place. I studied French at university with no other goal than that it would open up the possibility to travel. Here I am, working on a yacht and traveling the world, ticking off one country at a time.

Yoga. It’s the only exercise that I can do anywhere. Trapped on a boat, all I need is my mat and my breath. I flow as much as I can, probably not as much as I should, but it keeps me sane and I love the rhythm of the body. Within this comes a little spirituality, meditation and everything else you’d typically put under the umbrella of a yogi, though that’s a huge stereotype because I love gin and electronic music as well as the serenity of the breath.

Writing. Obviously, that’s what comes with a blog, but I’ve always had a real passion for words. I wrote poetry growing up and I have a huge box at my mother’s house of journals from holidays over the years. To me, nothing on this earth quite compares to the power of words. I write a monthly column for a yachting magazine in America, which I will link here monthly for anybody interested in my ramblings specifically related to my line of work.

Health and lifestyle. This probably falls a little under the same category of food and/or yoga, but it is a little broader. I’m not entirely sure what’s going to crop up as I begin this journey, but the magic of time will reveal more to us all.

Honestly, I have no real plan. I just want to share my musings with anybody that’d like to come on this journey with me, so for now, welcome aboard and let’s see where we get!

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