When you’re so wrapped up in the rat race and the happenings of your day to day life, it can be hard to step back and realise how lucky you are to have what you have.

It can be the small things. Perhaps we take something for granted that maybe we shouldn’t. All of it is difficult.

For me, I have to consciously take a moment out of my day to take in where I am and feel what I am grateful for in order to feel whole. It’s a new thing for me but I find that it’s really helping my overall well-being.

Some days I struggle to think of anything and some days my heart is bursting with joy at being out on the open water or enjoying a good home cooked meal, or simply waking up next to my love.

Recently I’ve gotten really into podcasts – the uplifting, words of wisdom kind that pick me up, inspire me and give me a little push. I’ve listened to so many different people say that we should start our days with writing down three things we are grateful for in our lives and ending our days with three things we are grateful for in our days. I rarely actually write them down, but I have started to think of them and it does make a difference to actually acknowledge what we are grateful for in the present moment.

Right now, I am feeling so much gratitude. I have to say, I am absolutely exhausted after a Rock n roll night at sea, with crashing waves hitting my porthole, bits and bobs banging in the cupboards and the swell throwing me around in my bed a little, but I’m on board a gorgeous yacht (my work/home per my last post) and have four friends here with us doing the trip.

We left Corfu, Greece last night as the sun was going down and arrived somewhere in Italy in the mid afternoon today. One of the couples have never been on boat before and, although a little seasick, are mesmerised that this kind of life exists and it’s such a lovely feeling that we got to share it with them. The other couple are good friends from the industry we’ve known for about five years but have never cruised this part of the world so are also happy campers.

I’m just grateful that I get to share my experiences with the people in my life. And although it is one of my top 3 on most days. I’m truly grateful that I get to work on such an amazing boat that allows me to have these experiences. I’m grateful for friends, family and the unconditional love from the people back home that comes with my constant traveling, never knowing, nomadic lifestyle.

I’m grateful for the opportunities and truly realise how lucky I am to be living this dream.

I would love to hear what you are grateful for today, despite the Monday blues, despite the exhaustion or that ugly meeting you’re dreading, the long week ahead or some dreary weather.

There’s good in everything, sometimes you have to dig deep to find it but there’s always a reason to feel gratitude.

I hope you have trouble in narrowing it down to just three, but please leave me a comment with your gratitude list and let’s all share some inspiration for anyone who may need a little pick me up.

Have a beautiful week.

L, xo

here’s the Moody sky with the moon lighting the way, taken at 5.45 this morning as I handed over my watch shift somewhere offshore around “the heel” of Italy.

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